In March last year, Te Puni Kōkiri developed the FFSVote (For Future’s Sake) Vote a social media and community engagement campaign designed to encourage rangatahi aged 18 – 29 to enrol and vote at the 2017 General Election.

Let’s be honest. General Elections are not the most exciting thing for 18 – 29 year olds. So in order for us to capture their attention and get them interested we needed to be bold and take an ordinary channel (social media) and make it extraordinary.

Leveraging off the popularity of the well-known social media influencer, William Waiirua, Mixt designed and developed the Augmented World of William Waiirua.

Using an illustrated William Waiirua marker card, those with who downloaded the free William Waiirua app could place their phones or tablets over the card and a 3D video of William Waiirua would appear infusing his popular dance moves and phrases with key messages about voting at the 2017 General election.

What did we achieve by using this technology?

We took our users on a digital journey where we started a dialogue through social media. The conversations began as general comments then as the campaign progressed we saw a change in our audience as they started to encourage their peers to vote. Exactly what we wanted.

Overall there was an increase in voter turnout for our target demographic (Māori aged 18-29) by 6.6% from 55.2% to 61.8%

ServicesUnity AR Development, VFX Video Production, Post ProductionYear2017

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