Augmented reality for digital marketing and advertising

Marketing Managers and Creative Agencies are always trying to harness new technology to better promote products and services. Like any advertising medium, it comes down to engagement. That is why augmented, and virtual reality should be on your roadmap if you’re serious about leveraging technology and want to connect with a new user. Augmented reality is about as interactive and engaging as you can get right now!

For those new to augmented reality, we’re talking about overlaying digital content into the real world for you to interact with it. It might be a game, a character, information, data; the list goes on.

AR and VR solutions are becoming affordable and smartphone-based experiences are becoming mainstream. Augmented Reality applications are predicted to surpass 3 billion downloads by 2020. That’s a lot of eyeballs. That, along with web-based AR & VR (we’ll talk about that another time) offers a great set of tools designed to help you better showcase products to your customers.

As customers are tired of just seeing ads on screens. We want to do stuff, not just passively watch.

Interactive media is sticky. You want people to engage with your brand then just look at the impressive example that Audi released this month where they bring advertising into your lounge.

The big players have been quick to jump into AR. Ikea, Audi, BMW, Cadbury, Volvo, National Geographic, Asos, Pepsi the list goes on. Not only do customers get to interact with the product and see it before buying it, interactive purchase UX encourages higher conversion rates.

In a recent campaign, we worked on with Te Puni Kōkiri to encourage young people voting in the General Election we used Augmented Reality to bring social media influencer William Waiirua to life. Dropping in some of his sweet dance moves with some serious messages about voting the campaign contributed to a 6.6% increase in voter turn-out for the target demographic (18-29). As a marketing pro, you know that data is queen and content is king so those are some sweet stats to add to your internal pitch.

Plus we all want personalised experiences. A little look into the power of artificial intelligence and one can quickly start to understand just how powerful AR can be when powered by smart machine learning and Ai. Take the fashion industry. Customers can use an app that shows them exactly how the dress or any other clothing item will look on them. This makes it easier for you to see whether the product will fit you, not to mention you can also try before you buy without actually getting out of your home (and save on annoying return fees).

In a crowded world, it can be challenging for digital marketing professionals to encourage people to try out new products. We’re busy, and there’s simply too much going on in our rushed lives. But give us a fun little car racing game, let us use our phone to test out that latest lipstick or see how that couch looks in our lounge, and suddenly we’ve got time.

This is why savvy marketing professionals are jumping into AR/VR to entice customers and generate new conversions. In the end, it comes down to return on investment ( ROI ), so if you’re in charge of a marketing budget, you’ll be looking at how you can measure success. Engagement and experience time while interacting with your brand are key and the best way to measure VR and AR campaigns (besides conversions).

The more interactive and engaging the longer they stay, the more likely they buy.

Will Augmented Reality replace some of the most popular ad networks or technologies? That’s hard to say, but we think so. We know that Augmented Reality can become one of the most interactive marketing tools out there. This is why marketing and advertising creatives need to make the most out of it as fast as possible. There is a great opportunity to leverage this incredible technology and use it creatively. There are virtually no limits here, and that’s what makes AR such a great tool for digital marketing!

This is an exciting time to be experimenting, pushing boundaries and creating a name for yourself. If you are a digital marketer or creative wanting to deliver up unique and engaging campaigns, then AR needs to be on your agenda.

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